ShaBAM! Digital Art ***texturize***

Texture Blend....

Texture Blend….

So, I love pretty much ALL mediums of art – photography and digital editing not excluded. I’ve been playing around with blending textures in Photoshop and have been having SOOOOO much fun! I picked out a photo I recently took of The Bean (that I LOVE) and opened it in photoshop.
I Love this photo!

I Love this photo!

The I went to this site – an amazing resource for FREE, high resolution textures – and chose this texture…I think it’s some rust….
Rust, I think...

Rust, I think…

I paste the texture into the open photoshop file where it shows up as a new layer.
Selecting the background layer – original photo of Beans – I use the quick select tool to select the area of his face, smoothing and feathering the edge of the selection. Keeping the ants marching, I jump to the layer of my texture and blur the still-open selection with a gaussian blur @ 33 pixels. This allows The Bean’s face to match the color of the texture when blending the layers without compromising his features. I blend the layers in the overlay mode and there you have it…
The texture really brings some magic to the table...

The texture really brings some magic to the table…

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