“One of Those Days” – or “I Really Don’t Need This Right Now”

DEQ Oregon

DEQ Oregon

My car’s registration is good through February – So last week I took it to our local DEQ so I could get the registration renewal taken care of BEFORE I have this baby. It didn’t pass. The check engine light had been on for a while but my mechanic had told me it wasn’t anything to worry about immediately. So, I made an appointment to take the car back in to my mechanic. I’d have to wait a week as they were super busy and I made it very clear that I needed my vehicle back ASAP so they needed to be able to get to it WHEN I brought it in. I waited at my mom’s house ALL day for my car (Mom was my ride to and from the mechanic). I called several times to see how things were coming along. I was told they believed they had found the problem and were correcting it. Then I was told that they weren’t going to be able to get to my car today. That’s when I pulled the distressed-pregnant-woman routine and “reminded” them that when I had made the original appointment it was with the understanding that they had blocked enough time out of their day to focus on my car. I finally got a call back a half an hour before DEQ closed saying my car was ready. After picking it up I drove 20 miles on the freeway to reset the onboard computer and headed to DEQ. I didn’t pass – The computer was still reading that it was “unready”. The tech told me to drive around some more and come back tomorrow. I hadn’t driven more than a quarter mile since leaving DEQ when the check engine light came back on. Eff me, right? It’s probably my catalytic converter so I should start thinking about which one of my organs I’d like to harvest and sell on the black market to pay for it.
Now I have to take the car back in and hope these clowns can find out what is really wrong with my car, FIX it – AND do it all when they say they are going to!!!! Ugh! Lets hope it can all get done before, the Sprout comes as I really don’t need to deal with this crap while I’m caring for a newborn…..

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