Living Room Wall Photo Project

Wall Photo Project

Wall Photo Project

So, I have some empty wall space in my living room that is just begging to become something more exciting. I really try to decorate with personalized art. I LOVE taking photos,so I felt the best way to fill the space was to collage some of my favorite family photos.
Here is a relatively easy, fun and inexpensive way to decorate a large wall area. I chose a few dozen of my favorite family photos and had them printed in B&W from Costco (I think they do the best affordable printing around here). Next, I went to the Dollar Store and bought an appropriate number of frames in various sizes and variegated shades of gold and silver. After framing the photos, I ripped the back stand off of the frame back and applied about a square inch of mounting tape on the corners of the frames’ backside. After laying out all my photos and finding the best looking “pattern” for my wall, I mounted them using a level, measuring tape and pencil for spacing. I intentionally left some blank spaces in my pattern so that I’ll have room for pictures of the new baby when he’s born. I’d like to find some oval frames for the Sprout’s photos to further the variety of the frames. All in all, this project cost me about $40. Not bad considering the size and personalization of final product.
I have done this project before using black frames of uniform size and it looks fantastic as well – though it definitely lends a more modern look.

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