Our Herdshare – Raw Goat’s Milk

Raw Goat's Milk...Mmm

Raw Goat’s Milk…Mmm

This year I decided to treat the family to a raw goat’s milk herdshare. Essentially, for about thirty bucks a month (no pun intended) my family receives 1/100th of the milk produced by ten Alpine dairy goats at the Willow-Witt Ranch of Ashland, Oregon. That translates to an average of a half gallon a week. Buying into a herdshare gets around the ridiculous red tape of purchasing raw milk.
The ranch brings the milk to central location in Medford once a week for pick up. It’s super convenient.
I have loved goat’s milk and goat’s cheese since I was a kid and it looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in regards to Bean’s affinity for the stuff. I had originally planned to turn the majority of our weekly milk into yogurt but we just keep drinking through it too fast – we may have to buy another share to meet our yogurt and cheese needs!
Raw goat’s milk is a wonderfully alive and nutrient dense food. Natural news published a great to-the-point article on beneficial properties of the milk. And if you live in the Southern Oregon area and are interested in raw goat’s milk, please check out Willow-Witt Ranch!

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