Decorating the nursery PART 1

vinyl decals in nursery

vinyl decals in nursery

So, the Sprout should arrive next month and I have been sorely procrastinating putting his nursery together. We moved into this house in November and that was quickly followed by a nasty bout of flu, the holidays, multiple birthdays (including The Bean’s) and general end-of-pregnancy-zombie-like fatigue. We are planning a home birth, so making sure everything is in order for the actual *BIRTH* took precedent over making Sprout’s nursery all cutesy-cutesy. My experience with Beans was that these kids could really care less what going on inside their bedrooms till they’re at least 18 months old. That being said, Sprout will being moved into Beans’ bedroom when he’s a few years old and the nursery will become the School Room. So my goal was to create a cool nursery that would segue into a learning area for the boys later on. I really wanted to get more exciting with the color palette but, just like a wino returns to their Midnight Train, I went back to my favorite foundation color of green. I’ve really been admiring these vinyl wall decals I’ve been seeing all over the place. So after a lot of shopping around on Amazon and Ebay I purchased several sets – One was a giant tree, another a couple of branches and doves and the third being Jeremiah 1:5. I washed and dried the nursery walls and got to work applying these decals yesterday at 1pm. What a pain in the ass. Seriously, if you have even the smallest iota of artistry in your blood it is easier to PAINT than to apply these decals. It took me about an hour and a half to junk the recommended application recommendations and come up with my own system that worked better. I found that cutting off small sections of the decal, peeling the paper backing off and applying it like a sticker worked a heck of a lot better than taping the 2’x4′ sections to the wall with masking tape and pressing them of a half sheet at a time. By 9pm I was done applying these ridiculous decals. The final result looks great, but doggone…I really should have just painted it for all the effort it took. Sorry the photos at the top of the page aren’t the highest quality – I took them with my phone as my camera couldn’t zoom out enough to get the pics….
vinyl decal detail

vinyl decal detail

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