How to eat your veggies all day every day -The Smoked Olive

I have recently fallen in love with one of the most amazing food products I have ever had the pleasure to experience! The Smoked Olive’s ‘Sonoma’ smoked olive oil is THE bomb! Just a drizzle of this liquid gold lends a gentle smokey flavor to whatever you’re inclined to brush, dip or cook in it. I’ve been sautéing giant pans of veggies in coconut oil with a dash of Sonoma – finishing the dish with several slices of fresh mozzarella melted on top. Incredible! The flavors hits the spot every time for me. You can order Sonoma or other varieties of smoked olive oil from but I’ve actually found the products at a better price at the Jacksonville Mercantile in our local town of Jacksonville, with no shipping costs to boot.

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