Happy New Year

An honest start to a new year....

An honest start to a new year….

Happy 2013 – if you follow the gregorian calendar, that is. Husby was off this morning and we started the new year with disagreeing over whether or not to let our almost-three-year-old son, The Bean, go have donuts for breakfast. I said, “no”. Husby didn’t exactly see eye-to-eye with me. Typically, I really try to prepare “real” food for my family – particularly myself and my son – with a heavy emphasis on no processed, refined sugar and no wheat. Husby is a cook and sees food more as adventure and entertainment; he also works long hours and typically eats breakfast and lunch at his workplace. Of course, Im just coming out of a month long dive-off-the-wagon from real food – between Thanksgiving, a half dozen family birthdays, 8 days of Hanukkah then Christmas, we ate a lot of things we don’t normally eat – resisting temptation was not aided by the fact that I’m almost nine months pregnant. And don’t get me wrong; on occasion, I succumb to temptation for both taste and convenience and eat stuff I shouldn’t – Just like I don’t always finish projects I undertake, complete paintings I start, dust the rooms that guests aren’t gonna see or keep my car vacuumed. Anywho, Beans and I have been back on the straight & narrow of clean eating for about a week now and today the donuts didn’t win…

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